About Parsian Tablo Fajr Engineering Company

Parsian Tablo Fajr Company with 15 years of production experience as a leading Iranian company, with the aim of localizing engineering and contrive for the transfer of technical knowledge, engineering self-sufficiency and the possibility of upgrading the use of domestic equipment by manufacturing and successfully delivering switchgears for oil and gas, petrochemicals, refineries, cement, steel, copper, city trains (metro), power stations, power plants, industrial automation projects and precision instruments with various employers have proven their competence in practice and have left a positive record. Parsian Tablo Fajr is currently one of the Iranian panel companies that the satisfaction of employers with the performance of this company in the implemented projects is the result of the efforts of this group.

This company in order to expand and specialize its activities in various industries, more appropriate service to employers and to complete the process of production, transmission, automation, energy distribution, industrial electrification and also the construction of related equipment with the cooperation of reputable foreign companies, able to meet the full range of industry needs and During this years, it has invested in programs to increase production volume based on quality, innovation and continuous improvement.

:اهم توانمندیهای شرکت پارسیان تابلو فجر شامل موارد ذیل می باشد

 طراحی، ساخت و تولید سوئیچگیرهای فشار متوسط 12، 24 و 36 کیلوولت AIS  تحت تکنولوژی شرکت ABB

 طراحی، ساخت و تولید سوئیچگیرهای فشار متوسط 12، 24 و 36 کیلوولت Compact  تحت تکنولوژی شرکت ABB –

 تأمين تجهيزات، نصب، تست، پیش راه اندازی و راه اندازی سوئیچگیرهای گازی فشار متوسط 12، 24 و 36 کیلوولت GIS

 طراحی، ساخت و تولید سوئیچگیرهای فشار ضعیف ثابت و کشویی تحت تکنولوژی شرکت ABB – SIEMENS

 طراحی، ساخت، مونتاژ، تولید و تامین باسداکتهای فشار ضعیف

 طراحي، تأمين تجهيزات، نصب، تست، پیش راه اندازی و راه اندازی سیستمهای اتوماسیون صنعتی نظیر DCS، PMS، PDCS و … از شرکت Siemens

 طراحي، تأمين تجهيزات، نصب، تست، پیش راه اندازی و راه اندازی  پروژه‌های برقرسانی صنعتی

 ساخت و طراحی سینی و نردبان کابل

 اطلاعات پرسنل ●

Parsian Tabloo Company, with over 60 specialized and trained personnel, has education in technical and engineering fields, and by using the specialized power of young and efficient forces, has been able to make a significant contribution in the field of electricity, control and industry in the country. Oil, gas, petrochemical, power plants, cement, copper and industries. The management and staff of Parsian Tablo Company believe that by developing approaches, producing ideas and using intellectual capital, and by utilizing up-to-date management and engineering knowledge, can in addition to increasing the organization's credibility in domestic industries, also Increase expand their internationally sales.

 اطلاعات محصولات ●

 اطلاعات مربوط به برخی ازماشین آلات و تجهیزات ●

Parsian Tablo Company, after starting its activity, has always tried to provide the necessary facilities and equipment for various activities as complete as possible. The amount of investment made in this field is significant and it is planned to continue this process with more emphasis on the provision of software and systems and equipment in order to increase efficiency and quality.

 اطلاعات همکاران و شرکای تجاری ●

Fariborz Shayandoost

Board member and CEO

Behrouz Mohammadzadeh

 Vice Chairman of the Board and factory manager

Javad Esmailu

 Chairman of the Board

Naser Mohammadzadeh

Mechanical Manager

Davood Mohammadzadeh

technical manager