Unipro C1

Unipro C1 Compact Post


Unipro C1 is a series of outside-operated compact secondary substations for voltages up to 36 kV. They have been designed and manufactured by PTFC of Iran to withstand all operating needs and special environmental conditions in the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council Region, Middle East countries and similar places.

General Description of Unipro C1 Panels

The Unipro C1 is a fully equipped package substation that includes outdoor housing, high voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low voltage panel, and internal wiring for lighting on all compartments, as such only the incoming cables need to be connected at site and the site works are kept to an absolute minimum.

The unit substations are completely self-contained, factory assembled in a totally enclosed metal cladding, weatherproof housing ready for placing into position upon a concrete base pad.

Each substation contains three main equipment: transformer, MV switchgear and LV switchgear each is contained in a separate compartment. The compartments are completely separated by ALUZINK steel sheet. The barrier between switchgears and the transformer is provided with pressure relief flaps. All compartments are individually accessible by their own door from outside.

The housing of the kiosk is mainly made of corrosion resistant 2 mm ALUZINK steel sheets. In the ALUZINK, the steel provides strength while the aluminum and zinc alloy coating provides protection against corrosion due to harsh environment conditions. In addition, 3 mm galvanized steel sheets are used for stronger support in the base frame or in the corner post.

Unipro C1 Compact Post