Unipro M1 Withdrawable Medium Voltage Switchgear


  • Unipro M1 is a medium voltage metal-clad switchgear suitable for indoor installations.
  • The switchgear is modular and is made up by placing standardized units side by side in a coordinated way.
  • The unit compartments are metallically segregated from each other and the live parts are air insulated.
  • The switchgear functional units are guaranteed to be arc-proof.
  • Installation requires very simple civil works. The switchgear can be wall-mounted. Access to the branch connections to connect the power cables takes place from the front of the switchgear.

General Description of Unipro M1 Panels

  • Metal-clad air-insulated switchboard
  • Studied for medium voltage distribution
  • Factory-tested for installations inside rooms
  • Guaranteed arc-proof units
  • Compartments segregated by means of metallic partitions openly connected to earth
  • Limited use of insulating materials
  • Complete with mechanical safety interlocks
  • Structure made of pre-galvanized sheet
  • Putting into service, maintenance and service operations can be carried out from the front
  • Equipped with conventional instrument transformers or new generation sensors
  • Wide range of functional units for any all installation solutions
  • Easy-to-assemble modular structure. Complete set of apparatus: gas and vacuum circuit breakers, contactors, switch disconnectors
Unipro M3